Why Workout with Jenn?

First, Jenn is not your average personal trainer.  She will work with you to achieve something bigger than the number on the scale.  She will help you develop true confidence, a deep knowledge of your body, energy, and strength you did not know you had.  In short, the goal is happiness, confidence, balance, freedom, and a brand-new friend.  With Jenn, you will take a deep breath and begin with a small step on your fitness journey as it unfolds before you.  Together, she will craft a plan of detailed baby steps, which is the key to Jenn’s program.  She will teach you how to incorporate new healthy habits to assist you to make the choices toward a fit and happy you.  But don’t be lulled into thinking it will be easy.  Of course, you will sweat, tone your arms or lose that muffin top, you’re working out with Jenn, after all. Jenn’s heart, her mission, is to believe in her clients until they believe in themselves!!

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While working out is the catalyst for happiness, Jenn’s focus is on fostering joy in people’s lives, which is through the conversations she has with her clients.  One client wrote, She is concerned about your health outside of her studio as well and provides constant support in eating habits and motivation when not with her.”  

This frequent and positive communication is what sets Jenn apart and is what will help you reach the goals you’ve always dreamed of. You will be encouraged to do the things that make you happy without having to suffer on the rollercoaster of dieting and stressing about every holiday, vacation, and family gathering.  Jenn will encourage and motivate you to take control of your life to do things you always wanted but thought were unimaginable!  Jenn will help you get fit, gain confidence and enjoy your beautiful life. Although her studio is in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, she has adapted her practice to be accessible for virtual training sessions, so she can assist you anywhere in the world. 

A life full of sunshine and rainbows awaits you as you Workout with Jenn!!

The Deets


AFAA Personal Trainer


AFAA Group Fitness Instructor


TRX Certified Instructor


ISCA Master Trainer


CPR Certified


$5 off every session to all military and first responders


Free Body Composition Analysis when you schedule a Private Consultation


Jenn takes the time to personalize each workout to the individual needs of her client. She is constantly monitoring form and adjusting the move to allow for proper technique. She is concerned about your health outside of her studio as well and provides constant support in eating habits and motivation when not with her. I would highly recommend her no matter your level of fitness. She loves what she does which shines through during your session and makes that much more enjoyable!


Susan R.

Training with Jenn was the best decision I have made in my health and fitness journey. Her sessions are different each and every time, and she has taught me so much about my body and what works best for me. She is very flexible when scheduling, and makes all sessions fun and exciting! I have learned so much from her and she has helped me gain my confidence back. I would highly recommend training with Jenn, it will be well worth it!

Lindsay H.

“Jenn is the best personal trainer in town! She has helped me to incorporate activity (which I was NEVER one who enjoyed exercise) and how to eat healthy without having to cook a separate meal from my family. She has me focusing on replacing bad habits with good ones and giving myself the proper amount of grace. She is incredibly passionate about what she does, is extremely knowledgeable, and has the perfect amount of communication throughout the week to keep me on target. And for anyone who also knows Jenn as a person can 100% agree on what an amazing character she has. Thank you, Jenn! Looking forward to continuing to crush goals! “

Jessie H.

“I started with Jenn the first day she opened her studio a few years ago and from that moment fell in love with her. She motivated me and my friend so much we always wanted to go work out. Now a few members of my family are also working out with her. She is fantastic. 10 stars from me.”

Sunny S.